I've been using jewelry-caliber tools for more than 15 years and have tried all brands. Tronex simply are the best available.


Chain Nose Pliers are the most used tool in my arsenal.


Good For

  • Folding tabs. The round shape can be use to "roll" while folding, pulling the tab tight. Then flatten.
  • Twisting tabs
  • General bends, but not precise 90 degrees. Flat Nose Pliers are better for this, as you can reference 90 degrees off the sides.
  • Creating cones or curves around the closed jaws
  • Better than tweezers for many reasons, but mostly getting a good, precise, firm grip.
  • Flattening parts that may have become misshapen or dented, but with with limited access.
Not Good For

Tronex Chain Nose Pliers, Short

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    Made in the USA.