I've been using jewelry-caliber tools for more than 15 years and have tried all brands. Tronex simply are the best available.


Flat Nose Pliers are likely the most used tool for me, second only to Chain Nose Pliers.


The jaws are .81" long. The tips are wider than typical, at .25".


Good For

  • Creating perfect 90 degree folds, since the sides or tip can be used to reference 90 degrees
  • Flattening long parts that may have become misshapen or dented
  • Bending multiple tabs a the same time, using sides of pliers.


Not Good For

  • Sometimes not good for bending or folding tabs - too wide in some situations.

Tronex Flat Nose Pliers, Short Jaw, Wide Tip

  • Product Info

    Made in the USA.