I've been using jewelry-caliber tools for more than 15 years and have tried all brands. Tronex simply are the best available.


Round nose pliers are an incredibly useful tool. I feel many builders of 3D Metal Models don't always understand how useful they really are and sometimes how to use them.


Round nose pliers obviosly have round jaws. These make them perfect for shaping curves, since applied pressure will not flatten a piece like typical Chain Nose or Flat Nose pliers will. The closer to the tip of the tool, the tighter radius curve. The closer to the base, the larger radius curve.


Good For

  • Shaping curves
  • Shaping a steep cone with one jaw
  • Grip curved pieces without flattening them


Not Good For

  • Bending, twisting tabs
  • Firmly gripping flat parts

Tronex Round Nose Pliers

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