I've been using jewelry-caliber tools for more than 15 years and have tried all brands. Tronex simply are the best available.


These flush cutters are considered "razor flush" meaning that there is no bevel on the bottom edge. The cut is totally flush. When cutting 3D Metal Model parts from the sprue, these flush cutters provide a perfectly clean cut that requires no filing or cleanup. Parts will not "fly" off into oblivion nearly as much, since the metal is actually cut and not smashed until it breaks. The edge is simply always perfect.


The relief angle and cutter head shape is perfect for getting into the access points for removing parts from sprues. A set screw is embedded just below the handle to prevent excessive pressure from damaging the cutter.


I've used flush cutters from all companies over the years, and there is simply no better flush cutter for 3D Metal Modelling.


Made in the USA.


• Keep tip protection cap on or store on a pliers rack when not in use to prevent nicking.

Store in a dry location.

• Only use these cutters to remove 3D metal parts from their sprues. Utilizing these as "general use" flush cutters could damage the cutting edge.

Never cut hard wire, memory wire, or stainless steel wire. Never use for cutting fish hooks, guitar strings, etc.

Can be resharpened/reconditioned by Tronex if they become damaged or dull over the years.

Tronex Razor Flush Cutter

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    Made in the USA.