I've been using jewelry-caliber tools for more than 15 years and have tried all brands. Tronex simply are the best available.


These Extra Long Needle Nose Pliers are one of the most useful tools for confined areas that we offer. They have very long jaws at 1.62". The tip is very small at only 1mm x 1.2mm. So reaching a tab deep within a model that is very confined and also getting a tight grip is much easier.


Good For

  • Reaching deep, confined areas and still achieving an excellent grip.
  • Flattening long parts that may have become misshapen or dented.
  • Creating very long, flat bends. But creating perfect 90 degree bends can be done better with extra long jaw Flat Nose pliers, as you can register 90 degrees off of the sides.
  • Forming cones or curves around the closed jaws.


Not Good For

  • Creating precise 90 degree bends. Flat nose pliers are better for this, as you can register 90 degree bends against the flat sides.

Tronex Extra Long Needle Nose Pliers

  • Product Info

    Made in the USA.