Flush Cutters are used for cutting pieces out of their sprue sheets.


With most tools, you'll be fine with our Economy versions. The extra expense of Tronex tools lie mostly in quality of build, longevity, ergonomics, and precision. But economy versions will still be fine for building a quality model.


However, I highly recommend considering whether or not the value of these flush cutters truly outweigh Tronex Razor Flush Cutters. They will not access the same tight spaces, and they won't cut truly flush, as they have a double bevel. Tronex Razor Flush Cutters have a single bevel, creating a truly flush cut and a perfect surface, whereas our Economy Flush Cutters will "pinch" the cut more.


If you'd like to save money with these Flush Cutters, I'd recommend considering if the pinched surface will truly bother you. If so, I'd recommend filing the pinched portion after the cut, or upgrading to Tronex Razor Flush Cutters.

Flush Cutters

  • Specs

    Jaw Length .500"