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Straight Forceps and Jewelers Tweezers are Here!

We recently received a shipment that was delayed due to the virus.

This shipment contains Straight Forceps and Jewelers Tweezers.

We already have Curved Locking Forceps, and we're happy to compliment them with a straight version. They are excellent for holding tabs in place while focusing on other tabs. It's very common that you need to align 4-5 tabs at once. Without these you can get a few tabs set, but then when you move on to the other tabs, the original tabs fall out. These forceps will lock a tab into place so that you can focus on other tabs without committing to a fold or twist.   Good For

  • Holding a tab in place while you focus on other tabs

  • Hard to reach places

  • Can grab and hold

Not Good For

  • Serrated jaws could scratch, so use mostly on internal or hidden tabs

Jewelers Tweezers are perfect for holding and placing even the smallest parts. The tips are very small and actually a bit sharp, so use caution. Good For

  • Holding small parts

  • Placing small parts

  • Hard to reach places

Not Good For

  • Folding or twisting tabs. These tweezers are for much more delicate tasks.

If anyone has any questions, just reach out!

Brian at 3D Metal Tools

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