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Steel Cylinder Forms and Master Set of Cylinder/Dome Forms!

We recently listed our Steel Cylinder Forms on our site. These Steel Cylinder Forms are smaller in diameter than the Acrylic Cylinder/Dome Forms.

So the Steel Cylinder Form Set ranges from 2mm to 11mm. The Acrylic Cylinder/Dome Forms range from 11.4mm to a whopping 38.1mm.

With our ability to offer both, it only makes sense to combine these new sets into one large Master Set! So all of these forms can be stored in a small package, saving space on your workbench.

All of these sets are available individually and also at a less expensive price if you want to buy the forms only without the racks or references.

So there are now five different options for Cylinder/Dome Forms, which you can see here.

The video below explains more specifics.

Please let me know of any questions!

Brian at 3D Metal Tools

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