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Cylinder/Dome Forms are Here! Also offering Cylinder and Cone Forms at a Lower Price Without Rack!

I wanted to announce a couple of items with this blog post.

First, our Cylinder/Dome Forms are finished and ready to ship! These forms will accurately create cylinders and domes going from as small as .450" (11.4mm) to as large as 1.500" (38.1mm)! That 1.500" form is really huge! It's not easy to find acrylic in that thickness!

Of course, the Cylinder/Dome Forms purchased with the rack will come with a reference sheet that houses itself within the rack. This reference sheet will give an accurate indication as to which cylinder form will be the best for any given part by laying it out on the sheet.

If you are wondering about cylinder forms that will be thinner than .450", they are coming and will go all the way down to 1mm. Stay tuned!

Next, I wanted to let everyone know that we are now selling Dome/Cylinder Forms as well as the Cone Forms without the rack or reference sheet at a lower price. So you can now buy just the forms alone. I realize that not everyone needs the rack or reference and a lot of people don't mind using trial and error to find the correct form. Lastly, many would like a more budget friendly option. So the Cone and Cylinder/Dome Form set can now be purchased without the rack and reference for $20 less.

If anyone has questions, just reach out!

Brian at 3DMetalTools

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