I'm a tool junkie and manfacturer who loves
building 3D Metal Models offered by companies such as Metal Earth, Piececool, MU Maple, Microworld, and others.

Shortly after getting hooked on building these models, I realized that there are a lot of specialty tools that would be very handy for creating these models, but were not being manufactured or sold specifically for the purpose of 3D metal modeling.

I run a machine shop and decided to create my own tooling that made my modeling hobby easier, more accurate, and more fun. After posting some of my tools at various online groups, others had interest in these tools as well, so I decided to manufacture and offer them.

Any tooling that you see labelled as "Made in Huron, OH" is manufactured 100% in-house at our facility in Ohio. Tronex tools are made in the USA, but not by us. Other tools are imported and are not manufactured by us.

Anything that you see offered is a tool that I use on a regular basis and endorse. I'm a 3D Metal Modelling fan before I'm a tool manufacturer. If there is a tool that I don't endorse fully, I wouldn't sell it.

Happy Modeling!

Brian Gray

Metal Earth Tools